Weine Renliden was born in Mönsterås, Småland, Sweden, on March 31, 1934. Both of his parents were great music lovers. His mother Ingeborg sang and played the guitar and his father Erik played the violin, alto sax, clarinet, trumpet and piano. Erik’s schoolmistress discovered Erik’s talent and wanted him to go to Stockholm to study music, but this was opposed by his parents who needed him to help them with their farm. Erik and Ingeborg had three children, Barbro, Weine and Ivan. All three was taught by their father to play different instruments. Barbro and Ivan were taught the Piano and the Violin, and Weine was taught the Piano and the trumpet. At an early age they started making performances in public and in the middle of the 1940’s all the children were playing in their fathers dance orchestra. The first distinction Weine got as a trumpeter was at the age of 8 when he won first price in a music competition in Oskarshamn. In 1946 the whole family moved to Stockholm to enable the children to continue their music studies. Within three months after the move to Stockholm Weine and Ivan took part in the popular radio show “Barnens Brevlåda” led by the Swedish radio legend Sven Jerring. The programme was heard by Sven Paddock, the leader of “Vårat Gäng”, witch was the most popular youth revue at that time. This led to a three week engagement at “Södra Teatern” in Stockholm for Weine and Ivan and in the summer of 1947, Weine, only 13 years old, joined “Vårat Gäng” for their summer tour. The tour lasted four months which gave Weine a period of an extra two months holiday from school. The three children were all granted entry to the Royal College of Music in Stockholm in the 1950’s. Weine was accepted into the trumpet class of 1950, where he was taught by the famous pedagogue Allan Olsson. He was then 16 and came first among a large number of applicants, all of whom were significantly older then him. Weine had already in the preceding year, at the age of 15, begun his professional career as a musician with “Jay Elwing’s tour band”. Since then he has performed with nearly every leading Jazz and Dance Orchestra in Sweden. Among others he was a member of Harry Arnold’s famous Swedish Radio Band from its formation in 1956 until the orchestra’s last year in 1965. He also played with the Hamburg Radio Band, The Radio Band of Zurich, Simon Brehm, Arne Domnerius, Charles Redland and Hacke Björksten. During the so called “jazz crisis” years in the 60’s, Weine formed his own commercial dance band that became one of the most popular of its kind in Sweden. In his capacity of being the well trained all around trumpet player he is, Weine has been one of Sweden’s most respected studio musicians over the years. In 1999 Weine received perhaps the most prestigious musical award in Sweden – the Thore Ehrling Award. When asked which trumpet players he likes himself, Weine says “all the good ones… but maybe most of all Louis Armstrong and Dizzy Gillespie”.